Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Late Night And Mommy Is Still Up

Sasha "Gee Mom it is almost morning. I think the computer needs some down time!"

Charlie "You don't want to know where I want you to stick that flashy thing right now!"
Sasha "I gives you ten more minutes or I am going to go to bed without you.
Charlie "Let her stay up. We will sleep here in this chair. Then, when she goes to bed and just falls to sleep we will both pounce her." (Evil dog laughing while starting to snore.)


CiaoHound said...

awww - they tried to wait up for you :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Awwwww - this is just so cute. Both of them just want to be near you, and they are cuddled together on the chair like that. Did they pounce on you when you fell asleep? LOL

makingstuffwithlove said...

How sweet they are all snuggled up together :) My bunch hates it when I stay up late -- they give me those stares, too lol

Art and Sew Forth said...

Such a cute pair of snuggle buddies! I want a video of The Great Pounce!

AngelPups said...

Athena!! Sasha and Charlie sound exactly like Big Mac, Molly & Moxie when I am on the computer late!! And yes, once I finally do fall asleep, Molly makes sure to pay me back by scratching at the bedroom door to get out about an hour later...I swear, she takes a lap around the kitchen then gets right back into bed....It's a total "In Your Face" for keeping us up so late!! ;-) Sneaky little critters, these pups!;-)