Monday, October 11, 2010

My day outside today!

Here is me on yard pawtrol. Squirrel radar was activated big time today.

It is bad enough the squirrels drop nuts on my head. Now, trees are dropping leaves on me, too.

Sure was a pretty day!

I sure wish the leaves would all turn already. They are just yucky now. Half one color and half another.

The birdies found the new food mommy left for them.


AngelPups said...

What great photos!! Looks like it was a beautiful day out West!!

Art and Sew Forth said...

You are a pretty leaf queen, Sasha! Just don't let those nuts damage any brain cells. Mommy NEEDS you!

Lyn said...

Wow - beautiful pics! Sasha, we know what it's like with squirrels dropping nuts on your head. My husband took Pinot running recently and he swears that all these squirrels were throwing nuts at them and hitting him on the head. He actually witnessed a squirrel launching a nut right at his head! Be careful out there!

Snoop&Emily said...

nice pictures! Emily is always hunting the leafs on the street when they're flying in the wind :D! a lot of fun!


Doxie Rod said...

what a wonderful outside day you had! watching those squirrels and noticing the birds. very nice day for animal watching.

laughingfridge said...

Great photos! Sasha, you look ready to go squirrel dashing at a moment's notice. Love the birdie picture too, adorable, I love watching birds. Hannah likes to sit under the bird feeder and when the birds are there she gets sprinkled with the seeds they drop, lol.