Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Prezzies For Mommy.

This little cutie arrived in the mail yesterday for Mommy from Miss Patty from DogBarks on Etsy. Mommy won the Wednesday giveaway game on the petsjubilee blog so this was the prize that Miss Patty sent her. It was like a tiny version of me minus the eye dots. heehee. Mommy loved it a lot.

She attached a heart shaped tag that had a picture of me on it. I do believe that was created by my Mommy. Wow, I sure do travel everywhere now. heehee.

This new addition to our wiener dog family arrived by way of Miss Suz. She gave it to my Mom for Valentine's Day. It was the one my mom really liked at Hobby Lobby. It looks so much like me I decided to give it a kiss on its nose. Miss Suz tricked Grandma because she had it wrapped up in a towel like it was a real puppy. She said stuff like this is a new foster doxie puppy. Grandma says no more doxie siblings for us cause I was such a trouble maker as a pup so she was a bit worried. Then, mommy unwrapped it and it was a fake dog. I gots a good laugh on that one. BOL!

We were trying to figure out a name for it, and I was looking to see if it was a boy or a girl in this picture. I am guessing it is a girl cause there is no boy parts hanging down.

Here is me showing grandma I could be a good big sister to a doxie pup. See I am sharing Charlie's new bone. heehee.
Thanks Miss Patty and Miss Suz. Mommy loves the prezzies a lot.


Paulines Fashions for Pets said...

I am smiling and loving this blog and the pictures are wonderful. I collect stuffed doggies too. This one certainly looks like you Sasha and you'll be a great sister to her.

Sasha - remember that
cute little teeny weinie is NOT a toy - let Mommy hang it up somewhere special, o,k. and don't bite it..

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Sasha,you are so good to let the new stuffed baby share Charlie's bone. Thanks for letting me know there is still laughter.

Happy Hounds said...

The stuffy would make a nice car ornament for the rearview mirror. I think you should name the other one, Valentine. What a sweet friend your Mommy has, to get the Hobby Lobby doxie she wanted. You are all loved very much!

Lyn said...

Sasha - too funny that you shared Charlie's bone and not yours! I love your pictures - they made us smile :)

laughingfridge said...

What a wonderful day of presents for your mommy! I was fooled by the facebook picture your mommy posted and thought the doxie Miss Suz brought was a REAL puppy, lol. You need to use your doxie mind control on Grandma to get her to change her mind about a new real puppy!