Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Play Date At Miss Suz's House

Hi all. I knows I have been away too long again. But, really it has been snowing and icky out so I just want to hide under my blanky until the good weather gets here.

Yesterday, we had some good weather briefly. So we went to Miss Suz house for a play date. It was fun sort of. I gots to meet a new wiener boy names Froto. He kind of looked like me, but his ears had spots and there were strange spots else where, too. Hard to see in the photos, though. Boy, was he was a very busy guy. He kept playing the silly human game of fetch. Over and over and over without once trying to run off with the toy and not let the humans throw it. Not sure he understood the idea was to get the humans up and chasing us not just sit there. How, are they ever suppose to get exercise that way.

We also stopped to have a cheese break at one point. I love that when I come to Miss Suz's she remembers us wienies love treats and the good ones, too. Not just kibble you know.

The parts I didn't like was when they got the hose out. That kind of freaked me out. I don't like water and once when I went to their house they put me in a pool. Wiener dogs don't float people! But, anyways, the hose wasn't for me thank goodness. Then, they started a fire outside. I have never been near a camp fire before. It freaked me out. Smell of burning wood and the sizzle and popping sound. I smelled that in my house in the wood stove, but it wasn't at all like it was there. So Mommy held me and then when they went to put it out with the hose thing, there was this big puff of smoke and it went right for us. No likey that at all. I was grabbing onto Mommy's neck with both paws as tight as I could. Then, after the smoke cleared, I smelted the smell of a storm coming and the sun was going behind the clouds. I was getting cold and I is smart enough to head inside when it is about to rain. But, the silly humans kept talking. You knows how come they don't smell the storm coming like us. I whined and told mommy the storm was coming. But, she kept talking. Finally, just before the storm hit, we went home. I think those humans just play it too close on the timing. We could have been soaking wet if we were out there just a minute longer. Oh, well, I came home and slept under my blanky most of the evening.


PetsJubilee said...

It sounds like a great day! I'm so sorry you were scared by the hose and the fire and then got all smokey. That's no fun at all. Glad you didn't get caught in the storm.

I'm so glad you explained about the playing catch thing. I always wondered why Velvet would put the toy just out of my reach, lol.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Ha ha. I loved this blog. Sasha you are such a character. I am glad you had Mommy there to hold you tight when you were scared of the fire and the smoke. That is good that you are scared. Dogs and people must be very carefull near the fire.
Glad the humans went indoors just in time.

laughingfridge said...

How nice you got to meet a new wiener boy dog! Next time you have a play date you'll have to teach Frodo the wiener way to play fetch, lol. Sorry there were parts not so fun, but the you can't beat the cheese treats!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Glad someone is smart in the group! Every human needs a doxie for a brain. That boy wiener dog has been brain washed. Don't pay attention to his behavior. Take him aside next time and explain the need for humans to exercise.
Glad you had fun and got home safe!

Pup Fan said...

Looks like a fun play date (mostly)! :)