Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Petsjubilee Sample Box

Hi all.  As promised, here is the blog all about my petsjubilee team sample box that we won from the Thanksgiving All About Food petsjubilee blog photo/video contest.  Charlie and me did a video of us eating our dinner and we won.  Easy contest for us chow hounds you know.  But, it came just a few days before Christmas and you know mommy couldn't hide it from us after we saw it.  We know what comes in that little square box.  Treats and prezzies!!

Here is me peeking inside the box and staring down Charlie.  Just so he knows the princess gets the best picks from the box.

Oh my!  Treats, a new squeakie, bandannas, and did I mention treats.....

See Charlie this bandanna will match my pink sweater and the treats are from our favorite treat shop CiaoHound and not seeing much in heres for you though.

I think I  see something long and blue for Mommy.  But, you know it would look arfully cute pinned to my pink sweater Mommy.

And another pink bandanna for me.  Oh, and a bookmark for my wiener dog book collection.....

At first I thought this was a treat pocket to attach to my collar, but Grandma claimed it as a mini pot holder.  I won't mind if she cooks me something good you know.

At last a new squeakie all for me.  Sorry, Charlie, not much in the box for you. What Mommy?  I have to share?  Aww, ok, but I get the first turn at the squeaky and treats.  Charlie gets the first turn at the pink bandannas. heehee.

Thank you Miss Shari and all my petsjubilee team peeps.  Mommy, Grandma, Me, and even Charlie enjoyed it all.  :)


Art and Sew Forth said...

Wow - that's better any buried treasure out there! Enjoy! (and share!)

Cole said...

Wow, Sasha!! You got some great stuff and that pin is BEAUTIFUL!

Pup Fan said...

Looks like you got some great gifts!