Monday, January 30, 2012

I Gots New Bling In The Mail.

Sasha here.  Mommy surprised me with a awesome pawsome new ID tag (or collar bling as I likes to call it).  It came in a pretty little paw print bag.  I was trying to figure out how to open it and not rip the bag you know.

I could so use this cute bag again for something.  Not sure, what, but I knows I will use it for something.  Then, there was this awesome business card attached. 

Mommy was so kind to open the package since she had thumbs and all.  Those humans do come in handy with those thumbs sometimes. 

Hey, this tag looks a bit familiar.  I thinks I have seen that face somewhere before.  I just can't place it.

The back has my name and phone number in case I get lost.  Like I would ever get lost.  I have GPS (Global Positioning Sniffer) you know.  But, it is good to have as a backup in case the sniffer goes on the frits.

You knows if I move my face downward just like the tag.  I do thinks I recognize that face a bit more.  Whatcha think?  Does it look like me?

Mommy gots this tag at PoochTags on Etsy.  Please, checks that shop out.  There is lots of dog breed face key chains and other cute tags needing a new home. 

Now, off to brags a little to my big brother Charlie that I gots a new tag and he didn't.  It is only because you can still read all the lettering on his blue bone tag, but I will tell him it is because mommy likes me better. heehee.  I loves messing with my big brother's head.


ylbb said...

Very nice tag!

Sams FurKids said...

Adorable :-)
I purchase 3 of those tags a while back...Love them :-)

HappyDapperDogs said...

You rook amazing dahling!:D

Lyn said...

You do look just like the tag! Love it on you :)

AMY ANN said...

How fancy. I love it.