Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post Lady Brings A Mini Dachshund

Hi all.  Sasha here.  I know it has been furever since I have blogged here.  But, not much is goings on.  Snow and more snow.  Invisible squirrels to bark at.  You knows the same old same old.

But, today we had a special dachshund delivery in the mail.  The mail lady had already delivered for today and mommy was so hoping her new little doxie would be in the mail today.  Well, she checked it and no doxie.  She looked at me and said well it would probably be here tomorrow.  I was just about ready to settle in for another snooze.  When....

Ding Dong.  Wooof wooof barrk barkkk... go lay down!! enough!!...., wooof bark bark....

The mail lady was at the door.  She drove all the way back and delivered the little package right to our door.  Which is pretty special cause she could have put it in the box on the street.  She said it had slid behind some big boxes and she noticed it when she lifted those out.  I tend to believe invisible squirrel hid it behind those boxes because they knew it was a doxie headed to a new home. But, of course,  no one listens to me on my invisible squirrel rantings anymore.  (Eyes rolling and glaring at Mommy.)

Well, Mommy hurried and open the package.  This is what she found first.

 Of course, I wanted to stop and read the envelope, but no Mommy was in a hurry.  So she ripped that open and sure enough a little pretty prezzie was inside.

I loved the pretty red ribbon, but I didn't get to peek at that long. Mommy ripped it open, too.

Aww, the cute little doxie was out of the wrapping.  What a good likeness of me, too.  It is me right, Mommy?

Well, at least, it looks like me anyways.  We both love the little cell phone charm so much.  It is from HandmadeCute on etsy.

Then, Mommy saw the little princess in the bag, too.

Grandma stole it even though she and Grandpa both thoughts it looked like a fish.  It is obvious a princess said Mommy and me.  They must not be royalty like me, the ween queen. heehee.

Well, that is my story of our newest addition to Mommy's doxie collection. :)  Bark at you all later.


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

that is quite cute!

We appreciate all things handmade!

makingstuffwithlove said...

Very, very cute! I love the suspense in thinking the package would have to wait until tomorrow :P It is darling and the princess is too. I am so glad you got a prezzie in the mail today and thanks Sasha for blogging about it :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

The little doxie is so adorable, and just had to be made in Sasha's likeness. The beautiful dark haired girl is also very pretty.
And that is one nice postal lady to come all the way back. :-)

kc said...

outstanding blog, sasha. exciting & well written. three cheers for the post office. (i vote for the usps being too big to fail.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sasha!
Thank you very much for this lovely post! I am so glad that the nice post lady came back and delivered your mommy's prezzie today even tho' you barked at her. I believe that those nasty squirrels did try to hide it. I'm happy that someone is also taking care of the fish princess. It was my pleasure working with your mommy...she loves you very much!