Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Is Recovering With Love

Hi all.  I is recovering from my paw surgery today.  The pics aren't that great cause I didn't want mommy to mess with it.  But, you all can see the owie between my toes.  Trust me it was a lot worse looking before the surgery.  A big bubble of infection and Mommy was really surprised that I wasn't limping on it.

You knows I blames squirrels for this.  Probably one of their backyard nut booby traps to put me out of commission for a week or so.  Darn squirrels and such a crucial time of year, too.  Charlie and Bear are doing their best at pawtrols in the backyard while I am recovering.

Well, I also wanted to say Mommy checked her e-mail last night (after a kindly reminder from someone who shall not be named :) ) after I was all comfy and cozy sleeping off my drugs the vet gave me.  She found a very special surprise and it just made her so happy.  She even cried a little.  But, don't tells her I said that.  She likes to be the big tough mommy you knows.  But, to all our friends that sent such a wonderful gift, we oh so appreciate it.  Mommy even said it was heaven sent.  You knows I bet she is right about that.  But, anyways, you all are so kind and loving.  You really do make a little wienie dog and her mommy feel there is much kindness in this big world out there.  For all you reading this, know we have awesome angels in human form lurking behind computer screens.

May all my thank you kisses that I am sending be felt to each and every one of yous today.  Sasha and thank you hugs from Mommy. 


Art and Sew Forth said... glad you are over the worst of it, Sasha! Now just keep being good and don't lick it so you won't have to wear that nasty cone thing. But you are right - there are many angels lurking out there watching over us. Isn't that nice to know! Heal quickly!

PetsJubilee said...

I am all choked up :) Such a wonderful blog post and thank you. I love our wonderful Petsjubilee family. Take care and great big hugs. Praise God for bringing us all together :-)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I am all choked up too, and wow Sasha really said it all so perfectly. We love both of you.
Sasha hope your owie gets better real quick so you can show Charlie and Bear how SP is done.

AMY ANN said...

We hope you have a speedy recovery and are back to yard patrol soon.

kc said...

ok, now i'm crying too. poor pretty puppy, i hope you're out there commanding the troops sooner than soon. xo

Carole said...

Poor pup, Sasha, you are a tough girl and I know you and Mommy will get through this recovery with flying colors! Raven has been on Pawtrol her in NJ. The baby SQ's are growing up fast!



Sams FurKids said...

So glad Sasha is getting all better. Yes we all care about each other..So much love in this PJ team :-).

Sarah Sandberg said...

OUCHIE!! Get well soon precious baby girl. That looked painful as can be.

Sarah & le Weens