Monday, September 17, 2012

Squirrel Pawtrol Training Of Bear.

I is teaching Bear all I knows about the squirrel pawtroling.  He hasn't had all his shots yet so he can't go on any solo missions as of yet.  So he is focusing on his drills.  This one is the duck and cover.   You can see from a squirrel's point of view he doesn't even look like a dog in this position.  He still needs work on keeping the pose a wee bit longer before yapping, but he is doing pretty good for a pup in training.

This may look furrocious, but he is actually practicing his mouth to snout recessitation just incase of a dog down emergency. 

This one is a more skilled technique that is used for escaping squirrel P.O.W. capture.  Remeber give them only name, breed/species, and liscense number critters out there whenever you fall into squirrel enemy claws.

Finally, running long distance yard zoomies to build up stamina for secret long distance operations on squirrel home turf.  Caution when viewing if you experience motion sickness.  No kibble tossing on the keyboards out there please.  Cause the humans don't know you know how to use them remember.  Until, next time.  Your furry leader of the squirrel pawtrol Sasha.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Love the pictures, and esp love Mommy trying to keep up wth you with the camera. LOL

PetsJubilee said...

So great to see them working together! Sasha is a great trainer :)