Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bear's New Shirt From Grandma Pauline

Hell-roo It Be Bear.  (Sis Sashy Is Clickty Clacking For Mes)

I gots my first prezzie in the mail today.  It be a shirt with hippty hoppers on its.  I likes it, but I is thinkens dat clothes might slows mes down a bit.  The humans seem to have something to grab onto mes with when they wants me to comes whens I don'ts wants to comes.  But, it did keeps the drippy drips from the sky to stay offs my back fur whens I went out to potty today,  So I kind ofs likey dat.

Where here is my handsome poses for the flashy thingy in my new hippty hopper shirt.  Big Sis Sashy says I best gets use to posing for the flashy thingy cause her mommy does it a lot. 


Wells, I thinks dat I needs to negotiate a higher squeaky toy raise for mys new flashy thingy modeling job.  Buts, Sashy says negotiations lead no wheres fast.  But, at leasts, everybuddy thoughts I was so cutes.  Maybes, I can gets into more troubles dis way.

Thanks-A-Roo, Grandma Pauline froms Paulinesfashions on etsy.


Pauline said...

Hi little Bear - You are so cute and handsome in your new shirt. I have named one of the pics "Bears Centrefold" - that's where you are stretched out and showing off hee hee

You are so very welcome. I am happy that you are fitting in the world of 'show biz' now with your sister Sasha....she's such a nice sister - she looks out for you I know and teaches you so many things.

Enjoy wearing these clothes - b/c more are humans love to play 'dressup' with our pups...and you are so very cute.....and fluffy,
Sending love and hugs from Canada,
Grandma Pauline .....{{hugs}}

Cole said...

You look so handsome, Bear! Sasha did a great job typing for you.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

How cute!! Pauline did a wonderful job, and love that shiny fabric.
Bear, Wow. look at you posing away. YOu are smiling and you are so handsome, and you are really striking those poses.
I see Sasha in the background not entirely happy about that. But what a nice sis to type this for you. :-) You are both super cute!!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Bear- -you are a natural show off! I think you have a promising future already beginning! Don't worry Sasha - you will always maintain your role and CEO of SQ Operations!

Lyn said...

Bear - you look so cute in the shirt - and it just makes the fur around your head stand out more. You look like a lion - heehee. Love your poses. Sasha, you're a great big sister to watch out for Bear!

PetsJubilee said...

Bear - you are a natural! I see a great modeling career in your future :-) You look super adorable in your new clothes.