Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deer On Pawtrol

Hi all,

Sasha here.  All has been quiet on the squirrel front the last few days.  But, today after a long day of being couped up indoors due to the neighbors having an estate sale,  (And you knows a girl can't poo with all that comings and goings right by my potty grounds.) us dogs got to have a bit of a special visitation.  Bucky and Venison our wildlife squirrel pawtrol agents stopped by for a visit. 

We were having a debriefing session when Mommy interrupted us with the flashy thing.  But, they said the squirrels seem to be laying low right now all over the neighborhood.  They seem to think the cold front coming in might be something to do with it, but I suspects squirrel evil doings are going to happen soon. 

 But, you knows these deer agents are pretty good at not letting mommy know they were talking with us.  They went right into head butting whens they saw her.  They said humans always likes to see that sort of thing from deer. 

I tolds them humans don't have the ability to communicate across species unless I help translate with my doxie mind control.  They said just to be on the safe sides to cuts the meeting short for tonight. 
So we dids.  But, thoughts you all would like to know the squirrel pawtrol has many agents out there helping to keep us all safe from the squirrels' evil plots to rule the world.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Wow. Athena. I thought you brought the dogs to a petting zoo or something. Wow. Right in your backyard. And compared to Charlie those deer look so big, and both of them bucks with the little antlers. AND you even got a show with the head butting? Very cool blog.

Art and Sew Forth said...

Hmmmm - pretty serious looking conversation going on there. I would suspect there is more to it than what Secret Agent Sasha is actually revealing....

PetsJubilee said...

so amazing they hung around that long and talked to both Charlie and Sasha. it was most likely a great meeting, lol.

Carole said...

hmmm....didn't realize that deer were part of the pawtrol lol
We haven't seen too many SQ's here last week. They are getting ready to sleep for the winter i guess

Lyn said...

Those are amazing photos - I can't believe they just hung out there and you got pics of both Sasha and Charlie with them. They look huge!

Sasha, glad you have all kinds of agents out there. Got to keep those squirrels under control. Lokie still claims they made her jump out of a window of a moving car!