Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Day It Rained Leaves

Hello, all my wiener dog fans out there. Today, it actually rained leaves. The neighbor's trees had a bad case of shedding today so when the wind blew down would come zillions of leaves. I had a blast trampling through the jungle pile of leaves on the ground, chasing the falling ones, and of course chasing the pesty squirrel. Enjoy the pic and video for your Sasha fix. Woofs and kisses to you all.


laughingfridge said...

Ya gotta be faster than the squirrel, Sasha! Keep trying, lol. At least you had fun in all those leaves that rained. Hannah sends doxie kisses!

Kay said... little Toby does the same thing...he makes a mad dash after those squirrels...but he's just never fast enough! :-)

Renée Gandy said...

Love it!

Brindusa said...

Hi Sasha, we just find your blog. Nice to see that doxies are all over the world. You bark exactly like us. Nice to see you.
Lucy&Freddy from Romania