Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Costume Party- The Horror!

Sasha Pumpkin and Peewee Alligator
Max Devil (a fellow wiener we met), me, peewee, and Frito.

Sasha here. OK. Not a good day at all. Mommy and Miss Suz thought it would be fun to take me, Frito, and Peewee to a Halloween Costume Party at Petco. Not my idea at all. First, I was all excited thinking play date at Frito's house, then we were only there for like 15 minutes. Didn't even get one zoomie in. Then, we went to Petco, and I was so excited thinking new bobo or squeaker or a new cuz toy. Before we even get out of the car, Mommy puts on that stinkin pumpkin costume, and you all know that wasn't my pick this year. I go walking in, and you know what some pug has the nerve to sniff my butt, and then tell me that Hallowiener Day isn't about wiener dogs. I got laughed at by every dog I came across except for Frito who was being a scaredy pup and Peewee (the alligator) who just wanted to bite someone.
So, guess what folks. Halloween has nothing to do with wiener dogs. Why didn't someone tell me this before now! Oh, what a bad day I had. I got a few treats, and some pets which wasn't that bad. Then, we left and all I got was a bag of treats. No new bobo, no new squeaker, no new cuz, and I even walked down the run way and back so cute and posed for the judges. I think I am going to grab a few more cookies and head off to bed.


Anonymous said...

OMG these pics are spookifying....what great costumes. BTW weenie dogs make it more fun! Thanks for sharing your day ..hope your cookies made things all better.

laughingfridge said...

Oh the things wiener dogs have to go through for their humans! You make a cute pumpkin, and your friends were adorable, too! It's only once a year, anyway (except for Christmas, Easter, St Patricks Day, Memorial Day...heehee)

niftyknits said...

oh poor sasha. If it's any consolation, my poor meerkats have had to put up with the same torture -I even have one dressed just like you!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Well us humans think it might be all about the weiner dogs, because they sure do have the best costumes.
Great photos. You can tell Sasha is NOT smiling.
Only Max the Devil looks like he doesn't mind, and is asking, "Why are they so upset?"
Thanks for sharing with us Sasha.

PetsJubilee said...

Poor Sasha. I'm very sorry about no new bobo's, but you have to admit you're pretty darn cute in that costume!!! Thank you for posting the pictures. I love them all!

MOLLYC said...

I haven't visited in awhile! I love your costumes. What, by the way, is a zoomie?

Anonymous said...

But, Sasha, EVERY day is about weiner dogs! Your mommy is wrong, wrong, wrong. My doggie niece is going to be a witch this year. I can't wait for her photos.

JewelryBySolange said...

I love all of their costumes. Daisy wasnt too happy when we reached the doggy park and I put the costume on her either. Funny thing, I almost bought the pumpkin costume but at the last minute I put it back and brought the bumblebee one. At least Sasha got some yummy treats out of the torture. Such cuties!

Anonymous said...

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