Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Prize Came and I Had To Share!

Looks just like me. heehee. I'll have to have mommy frame it for my crate wall.

Mine! I won it fair and square.

Charlie can have my old one. I will keep these two new ones. What I gots to give up the biggest one?

I smell treats. Oh, heaven for a doxie deprived of treats. Yummy. What to snack on first.

Sasha here. I was so excited when my prize box came today from the photo contest that I won from the petsjubilee team shop on etsy. I didn't want to share with my big brother Charlie all my goodies like treats, toys, bandanna, bow, collar charm, art to decorate my crate with, and so much more. That is why I look so worried and scared in all the pics cause I didn't want Charlie to get my stuff. It was mine right. I won it. Well, anyways Mommy made me share, and well, I did reluctantly. I just want to say thank you to Shari, the petsjubilee team, and all the humans and critters that voted for me.
By the way, the October contest is starting soon and it is a costume theme I believe. So better get your pics in soon for a chance to win a cool box of prezzies like mine. You can find out how to enter the contest at Furbabies link here.


PetsJubilee said...

Congratulations, Sasha!

chloejessica said...

Yay Sasha! Congrats on your new goodies! :)

MOLLYC said...

Sasha, congrats! I must say that your brother is no slouch, however! Is he a border terrier? I hope you both enjoyed the treats!!!