Friday, November 13, 2009


Your furry friend Sasha here. It is snowing and I hate cold white stuff in my fur. I hate wearing my coat cause I prefer to be nakey, and most of all my paws are cold and wet. Some one send some sunshine up our way. We poor, cold, wet wiener dogs would prefer a little global warming right about now.

Well, in between the snow torture potty trips, your little wiener dog buddy here has been busy holiday window shopping on line. Cause you know us doxie shoppers are always welcome on the net. (We avoid all those nasty no dogs allowed signs that way.) Listed in pictures above is a few pictures of my paw picked items from some of my faves on ETSY. Click on pictures above to get dirrect links to each of these items and the etsy stores ylbb, redwagonwiener, jellybeanjunction, persnicketypelican, and LaughingFridge.


laughingfridge said...

Oh Sasha you poor thing, out there in that cold white stuff! Thank goodness you didn't have to stay out there and got to do some window shopping instead. Thanks so much for giving our wiener dog magnet the paws up! Hannah says she modeled for that one, that's why it's so cute, haha. Great blog! Love all the other paw picks too!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Hey Sasha. We love your video and your Christmas wish list. Wish Mommy would let us Christmas shop on line.
We like your coat too. We have coats like that, only a different color.
And we recognize that falling white stuff. Is that going to happen again? That stuff is coooooold.

cabin + cub said...

Love those pot holders... so very cute!

....Petty Witter said...

What an amazing blog. I was over visiting Molly at Life With The Cambells saw your blog (anything with dog in the title tends to catch my eye)and thought I'd say hello. It's been nice meeeting you, you really are very cute.

MOLLYC said...

Just stopped by to look at Sasha's pictures! I love the dachshund potholders, also! Sasha, you are the cutest!