Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Play Date With A Rock Star!

Sasha, the cute furry one, here. Yes, I got a play date today and afterwards I found out that Miss Pee Wee who doesn't care for me too much is actually a Rock Star now. Can you believe it! Little old me zooming around the house, pottying in the back yard, barking at German Sheppards, and dozing in the big picture window at a Rock Star Wiener Dog's house! Oh, I am so moving on up in this world now. I wonder if the Pupperotzi will be hounding me for photos? I wonder if we will make the cover of Dachshund Digest? I wonder if Pee Wee will bite-o-graph a CD for me? Oh, dachshund happy tail butt wiggle dancing going on now.

Please, watch this great music video starring my wiener friend Pee Wee and a few other wiener dogs I don't know at this link MY WENA. Pee Wee is the alligator at the end. You will recognize her from my Halloween contest pics I shared with you.


ZikPot said...
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....Petty Witter said...

Oh dear, poor you - would it help if I were to say there are plenty more, ahem, fish in the sea? No, probably not.

laughingfridge said...

Oh Sasha, please don't forget your other doxie friends when you become famous, lol! Hannah is wagging her tail for you too and asks please if she can have Pee Wee's pawtograph.