Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa Paws and a message from Mommy.

Hello all,
Sasha's mommy here. My girl has been begging me all day to get her letter to Santa posted here on her blog. Puppers,pets, and peeps out there feel free to post your letters here, too. It is fun to see what all you out there want for Christmas. heehee.
I just wanted to thank 3 nice guys who did something very special today. I won't say what it was and I really don't know who they are, but lets just say that little things people do for others mean a lot these days. With all the negative things on the news, and the lack of holiday spirit because of the mess this economy is in, I find it rather refreshing to see people help others in times of need. These three guys gave nothing but a few spare minutes of their time in service to my family. In all this holiday chaos, it is these random acts of kindness that really show the true meaning of the holidays. I thank these nice men and their parents that taught them to help others before themselves.
Now here is Sasha's letter.

Dear Santa Paws,
It is me. Your cute and furry friend Sasha. It has been another long year, and you know I do try to be good. I have only had a couple accidents in the house, and I really haven't chewed up anything very valuable lately.
Well, I don't need much so anything you find laying around the shop that you think a little dachshund might enjoy is fine with me. Also, Charlie, my big brother could use something nice. He did love the treats you gave us last year. You know what Mommy needs, and so do lots of other people from whats I am hearing through the doggy bark line. Please, do your best to get all the puppers out there that need forever homes to find good ones like mine.
Lots of love, hugs, and doxie kisses,


PS: Barked to all the dogs on my block and you are cleared for delivery on the 24th. No air conditioning holes in the old Santa Suit this year, but I really wouldn't trust the neighborhood cats if I was you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,
I would like to ask for a baby girl puppy to play with. But Mommy says we cannot have one, so then I would like to ask for a boy puppy.
And lots of treats!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,
I would like a secret chest so I can hide my ghost toy. I just know that people are trying to steal it. I keep trying to find hiding places, but none seem good enough. So a nice secret chest that only I can open.
Thanks Santa.
You're the best.

JewelryBySolange said...

Lol...Sooo cute! What a beautiful Santa Letter! Love the Christmas Picture Sasha!

laughingfridge said...

Sasha, you are so adorable! And your mommy posted a wonderful story, thanks for letting her blog! Here's Hannah's letter:

Dear Santa,

I've been adorable and cute all year long and give mommy and daddy kisses every morning. I'd like a new squeaky toy that will last longer than 5 minutes, and please bring one for my sister Lucy so she won't take mine.

Love and licks, Hannah

Kay said...

HA! How cute is this!?! I have a feeling that Sasha has been an excellent girl this year & Santa will bring her what she wants...

Here's my little Toby's letter

Dear Santa;

I've grown up a lot this past year and am now considered a 'big boy' as mommy puts it. However, I can't help but still LOVE squeaky toys & pretty much anything else that I can sink my teeth into without feeling guilty that I'm ripping up something of value to either mommy or daddy. Please bring me lots of strong toys--ones that will last a LONG time...at least one whole day!!

Lots of rufs,


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

I know I haven't been the best boy this year. I promise to wait for my parents before crossing the street. (That car sure did hurt). I'm getting a little rickety at 14 but I still try to get in bed with Mom and Dad because I know it makes them so happy to snuggle.

For Christmas I would like a blanket of my own to snuggle under. But mostly I would like as much quality time as possible here on earth with my parents. Oh and some french bread wouldn't hurt either I love carbs.

Thanks Santa


Anonymous said...

Very cute photos of Sasha! I don't think my ferrets want anything special for Christmas, but they are getting all handmade toys this year.


diana said...

Sasha, I love the letter you wrote to Santa. I love all the letters on here, and hope everyone gets everything on their list and more.
Merry Christmas
G&G's Mom, Diana

CiaoHound said...

Dear Santa -

I know, I know - you have a "naughty" list, and I'm probably on there (a lot), but I can explain...no, wait, I guess I can't. Just know that its the hound dog in me that makes me do crazy things and my insatiable love of food! I can't help myself, honestly! Maybe buy mommy and daddy trash cans with lids on them, and raise the kitchen counter a little, and the dining room table could probably be a little higher, and tell the birds to eat all the bird seed instead of kicking it out on the ground for me to eat.

I would love to still get presents this year, and I promise (?) not to eat any of my sisters' gifts this year. I want more treats, more rawhides and new toys. As you know, I broke the squeaker on one and the other is about to bust out everywhere.

Thank you for my loving family and comfy bed.

God bless everyone and please help those in need.