Saturday, December 5, 2009

I got a new bandanna and I am training Mommy.

Hi all,
Sasha here. Yesterday, I got a new bandanna in the mail. Another contest that mommy won something from for me. But, anyways, I had to show it off in the pics above. It came from PolyCritters on etsy.
Also, Mommy thinks she has been training me to do a new trick. She goes and hides my favorite squeaky ball out of my sight, and then I have to go find it. I was doing pretty good at it, and didn't have the heart to tell her that us doxies can read humans minds. I think it spoils the fun of human training that way. So every once and awhile, I will sniff it out just to make her think that I really don't know where it is. Then, she gets so excited and I get pets and treats when I find the ball. A doxie can't pass up pets and treats you know. heehee.


Joyful Heart said...

I always think training is fun. ;) We have been "strengthening" our recall command and I make it into a game which means Gigi gets lots of treats. haha. Fun time.

-Jen & Gigi

Poly Critters said...

Dear Sasha,

You look adorable in my hand sewn bandana!

~Yours Truly,

laughingfridge said...

Sasha, you funny wiener! The bandanna is darling on you!

Anonymous said...

Sasha is such a pretty baby.

Twix said...

Wonderful bandanna! Sasha you are lucky your mom wins these pawesome prizes for you. Good luck getting your Mommy trained just the way you want her.

MOLLYC said...

Sasha, you look beautiful in the new bandanna. I hope you get some good Christmas treats as well. xoxo