Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Paws Visited Us Tonight!

Sasha here,
I just had to blog about this. I saw Santa Paws tonight. So I thought I would share my encounter with all of you.
Charlie and I were just getting into begging for some Christmas Eve dinner, when what did my little ears hear. The screech of breaks in front of our house. Charlie and I went straight to the front door to bark like usual. Mommy put down her plate of food, and went to the door, and who do you think should appear before her. A mail man at 6 in the evening on Christmas eve? We dogs think not. Charlie and I barked at this mail man impostor cause we know no postal carrier will be out that late and the mail already came for the day. Mommy thanked the man and wished him a Merry Christmas. Then, told us to hush, just as Mommy was shutting the door. I saw him. The mail man was Santa Paws, an all white doxie in a red Santa harness minus the hat of course. Santa Paws winked at me, gave me a doxie smile with a butt wiggle, and then magically turned back into the mail man. As he drove away, I can hear him bark Merry Christmas to all creatures great and small.
It was so awesome pawsome, and I was so excited. I was jumping up and down as Mommy was opening the package. It was treats from my favorite on-line Etsy shop Ciaohound and from Shari (or so the package said). But, I knows Santa Paws was in on this gift even if he just was part of the delivery service. There was so many yummy treats and a little something special for Mommy. So thank you Santa Paws and Miss Shari. You made me, Charlie, and Mommy very happy this year.
Merry Christmas to all, and if you believe in Santa Paws don't forget to let him know every once and awhile. :)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Sasha, Charlie and Athena,
I am sure your were right Sasha, and it was Santa Paws. He was making sure you got those treats made especially for you. Wow, what a nice gift.
Enjoy your holiday,
Diana, Gianna and Giupetto

CiaoHound said...

I am so very happy that Santa Paws came to your house! What a great story! I'm speechless.

You're so very welcome :)

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!

Shari & Velvet

laughingfridge said...

Oh, I do believe in Santa Paws! When Lucy and I awoke Christmas morning there was something wrapped up under the tree for both of us! I could smell it and tried to reach for it but mommy said, no, just wait a minute. A whole minute!!! That's like 7 minutes in dog time! Well, finally it was time and mommy gave us our gifts and I tore the paper off to find a little squeaky Boo-Boo toy! Oh, thank you Santa it was just what I wanted, and we got some yummy treats too! Merry Day After after Christmas, Sasha, Charlie and Athena! Love and tummy rubs, Hannah