Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions From A Curious Doxie Mind

1. How come all the good things in life are "fur-bitten"? Fur example, Garbage cans, rolling in bird poo, getting all muddy and wanting to snuggle on your human, and of course the neighbor dog's yard.

2. Why is it the dog food comes in a big bag, but they only give you a few kibbles in the bowl at a time?

3. How come just when you have found the perfect spot to go potty a squirrel or human on a bike goes flying past?

Any critter know the answer to these, cause us curious doxies want to know? Bark at you all later. Sasha.


CiaoHound said...

Hi Sasha - Velvet here. These things puzzle me, too! You are so brilliant! The "fur-bitten" things really get to me. I gets in more trouble cause of trying to play in the trashcans...it really steams my butt :( And the big bag of kibble is just plain cruel - let me at it, bet i can finish off a whole one in 5 minutes! I's personally don't have probs with the last one cause I spend 5 sometimes 10 minutes searching out the perfect poo spot, behind a tree or a bush (I likes my privacy). You're one clever doxie.

Paw and Pets,

MOLLYC said...

Well, I can't explain anything, except for the kibble part. If you eat too much of it, you barf on the rug, and then your Mom gets mad. And don't try to eat it after you barf it, because Mom just gets MADDER then, for some reason...