Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I gots a pedicure today!

Sasha here.
I gots to go on a car ride to the groomers. The lady there did my nails and made them all nice and pretty. No more snagging on the carpet or blankies for awhile. I is very happy about that, and on the way out. I saw a senior doxie gentleman. He was very nice. He couldn't see me very well, but we exchanged sniffs any way. Don't see doxies much at my groomers so it was a bit of a surprise.
We got home, and mommy took lots of cute pics of me to make items out of later. I just hopes I don't become some hideous monster or something after mommy is done playing around with them on the computer. Woofs to you all.


DianaDesignsNY said...

Sasha,you are too cute. I love these pictures.
Your friends,
Giupetto and Gianna

PetsJubilee said...

Sasha - you are so pretty!!! I love your pictures :)

Agnes B Bullock said...

Too cute for words!!!

laughingfridge said...

the camera loves you, Sasha, you beautiful little wiener, you! I just want to give you a big kiss!

JewelryBySolange said...

These are great pictures of Sasha! I wish Daisy would like getting her nails trimmed as much as Sasha!