Monday, January 18, 2010

The Strange Visitor?

Sasha, the wiener dog here again.

That strange visitor came again today. You know the one humans can't see that just causes us doxies to bark our little heads off and look like all crazy barking at nothing. I showed mommy right where the visitor was by barking, pawing, and staring at a spot on the couch. But, she just gave me that do I need to call the vet for some doggy happy pills look. I sure wished the humans could see and hear what we do. Then, maybe they would let us bark more often.


PetsJubilee said...

that's kinda eerie, Sasha. I hope the visitor goes away :)

laughingfridge said...

Oh Sasha, it's those little doxie poltergeists, isn't it? The ones that hide our toys and leave a little poo when its cold and rainy out, so mommy thinks it all our fault! I bark at them all the time and mommy just says "hush!" there's nothing there! Humans are so unenlightened, that's why we love them so much. They need our protection!

Paws up to you, Sasha!