Thursday, February 18, 2010

The sun came out today!

Sasha here.
The sun made a rare appearance today. It has been so long since I got a good sunning time in that I forgot how good it felt. Charlie and I were stretched out on the deck for quite sometime. Then, the neighbor dog Rocky had to bark at us and so we barked back. Mommy let us inside cause we were creating such a "ruckus". All we were doing was having a conversation. All winter we are couped up inside so we just wanted to "ketchup" on the neighborhood gossip. Can I help it that she can't concentrate on all her wiener dog creations if I am barking so much? Sounds like it is her problem not mine.
Well, even with all that barking she still managed to create some really cute wiener items. I managed to sneak a few pics while she was fixing great grandma some lunch. i will share some sneak peeks with you, but don't tells Mommy. OK?


PetsJubilee said...

We know how you feel, Sasha. The sun doesn't come out much here, either in the winter. Velvet loves to lay on the carpet with the sun streaming in the front room window. Her fur gets really hot, but she loves it!

MOLLYC said...

I wish we had sun here--18 inches of snow instead, and even my BIG dog has trouble finding a spot to pee! Enjoy the warmth!

laughingfridge said...

Glad you got some sunning in Sasha! It's going to be sunny here too, so I'll be roasting my little wiener body good! Sorry your conversation got interrupted. Mommies just don't get it sometimes! Hannah