Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are Your Humans A Bit Weird?

Sasha here.
OK, you pets out there, it is time to share the poop scoop on your humans. What is it with the furless wonders of ours? Why do they have to embarrass us so?
Fur example, I is outside trying to find a good place to you know when a big dog comes by taking her human for a walk. I start barking a conversation (Trying to catch up on all the latest neighborhood dog gossip.), and all mommy cares about is a certain bodily function that has not been done yet. Seriously, can we say take a chill pill or what? I'll poo when I am good and ready for Pete's sake.
Then, there is the kissing me on my nose thing. Really, do I looks like I want to infect my ever so useful nose with human germs! Oh, and minty fresh breath is a real turn off for dogs by the way.
Now, it is your turn pets. Vent those human oddities that just get under your fur and you know we will all understand.


Anonymous said...

What's with all the brushin. Doesn't she know that as soon as she's finished I'm just gonna rub all over the rug and pillows, until it's back the way I like it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that message was from me, Sasha, you're friend Giupetto.

Fiberpuppy said...

Why does my human always want to fuss with my poop. I mean I do my business and want to get away from it. She's always trying to pick it up with a plastic bag.

CiaoHound said...

i hates lovin and pets and hugs and kisses! i is NOT a dog; i is a fierce warrior princess and i deserves to be treated as such and served homemade treats withouts doin' stupid pet tricks for them! tanks, Sasha, i feels better now getting thats off my chest :)

laughingfridge said...

Why does my female human trick me and come home from work early without letting me know? It throws my canine clock out of whack and I start getting hungry too early! A simple call ahead would be nice!


Anonymous said...

Why does Mommy lift me in the air above her head and start singing ferret-related songs she makes up?

kalyxcorn said...

how wonderful to have found your blog! can't wait to get up to speed. crafting and doxies are the best combination in life, aren't they?

baxter the dachshund

Brindusa said...

We love all wiener dogs, we love your blog:

Mary Anne said...

Why do my humans call me a different name everytime they say my name? Can't they get it through their head, my name is KONA, not Noni, not Nones, not Kones, not Mister, not bubby, not whatever else they can think of to call me... it is Kona. Next time, I will not acknowledge them unless they refer to my by my real name!