Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photo tag game-A dachshund does it all wrong.

Picture Story By Sasha: "I smells something stinky Mommy, and it's coming from my brother's rear end."

Sasha here.

Mommy and I's got tagged by Miss Shari's and Velvet's blog so I guess the humans have come up with a silly game that doesn't even involve running, leaping, pouncing, and rolling another dog into submission. Not sure the fun in it, but I is willing to gives it a try. Apparently, the rules are:

1. open your first photo folder- Which I dids. This whole folder thing is really weird for dogs cause we think there should be two folders one with our pics and one without. But, the humans don't see it that way, and mommy has way too many of them. Outdoor Sasha pics, videos, product pics, month date pics, and so forth.

2. scroll to the tenth photo- Well, the first one didn't have ten. So I went to the next folder, nope stuck again. Can you believe I's must have gone through like 40 folders to find one with ten in it. I think my mom has too many folders. She organizes them into folders within folders within folders and so forth.

3. post the photo and the story behind it- Ok I is going to do that in just a sec. (up above)

4. Tag five or more people - So hows I suppose to tag them anyway. I is a wiener dog for heaven's sake! I can't sniff five people out from here. Ok, this is so confusing. Can I just roll over and summit to you now and say you win. No. Not how you plays the game you say. Well, this wiener dog is changing the rules on this one. Basically, if you have a human that wants to play this game or a squirrel you can bribe to do it for you then go for it. Your it. Otherwise, enjoy the pic and have a nice night from the grumpy tired dachshund. If you do it, please leave a link in the comments bellow or have the squirrel do its for you, too.

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CiaoHound said...

Sasha, you did such a great job! You are a wonderful blogger!