Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pup quiz: Time for some schoolin.

Hello all,

Oh no!! Looks like all my friends may need some doxie media schoolin. heehee. Well, here is a few just for reference in case you come across a doxie trivia game show in the future.

1-3.) Toy Story 1-3 ( slinky dog in one and slinky and the house dog was a dachshund in the other two)

4.) The Ugly Dachshund (One of the best dachshund films of all times. I is so hoping they make a remake of that one with a modern twist.)

5.) Beverly Hills Chihuahua (dachshund on tread mill when chihuahua goes to groomers)

6.) Hitch (one of the ones he fixes up at the very beginning was when the dachshund escapes from the elevator and chases the female dachshund bait he was using to introduce the guy to the girl)

7-8.) Open Season 1 and 2. Mr. wienie in number two is so awesome.

9.) Bolt. (One of the first dogs he meets on the street was a black and tan dachshund. Who offers him to sniff his butt.)

10-11. ) All Dogs Go To Heaven 1 and 2 (Even though the animator sure didn't have a clue on how to draw wienie dogs, Itchy was a dachshund. I still think he looks more like a basset though.)

12.) Wiener Takes All -A Dogumentary (I so want to see this movie!!)

13.) National Lampoon's European Vacation ( The unbarkable happens when the boys hat gets tossed of the Eiffel Tower - an Innocent doxie jumps after it. Not one of my favorites and we do believe a squirrel was behind it.)

14.) The Truman Show- A wienie is being walked in the center of town a few times during the movie.

15.) A Dog Named Christmas from Hallmark Hall Of Fame- A red wienie has puppies in the boys barn. A cougar tries to attack, but Christmas saves the wienies. A great film!!

I am sure there are more, but that is just a few off the top of my furry little head for you. We won't mention dachshunds on TV and in commercials that could take a year to list all those. heehee.


makingstuffwithlove said...

Sasha! You are so smart!! I've seen many of these movies, but had forgotten the Doxies :) There are a few more I need to see -- my queue is getting low at Netflix lol Thanks for the Doxie heads up :)

AngelPups said...

Yay, I got the slinky dog from Toy Story...of course that was all I could think of....;-( Although I did say when I saw the answers I'd probably know half of them and I do....
Great "Test"!!