Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miss Suz B-day And The Chi-Kitty Is Back.

Hi all.  Sasha heres.  Boy has today been an odd day.  Mommy went off to take Miss Suz her b-day prezzie and then when she got backs Maddie the chi-kitty is visiting with us again.  Maddie hadn't seen Bear yet.  I don't think she is so thrilled with him.  Just another dog reminding her that she has no hair and acts like a cat.


Well, backs to Miss Suz B-day.  Cause you knows Mommy was at a loss at whats to gets her this year.  So through my wonderful mind control capabilities I gavse her the idea of Hoho (little debbie swiss rolls) dachshunds. 


Basically, those that chocolate doesn't kill you and who have thumbs take a hoho and wrap in chocolate cake decorating fondant.  Use white fondant to mix in to get a lighter tan and the white eyes.  Then, you just sculpt the heads, butts, and paws. Lets them dry goods and glues them onto the chocolate fondant wrapped hohos with chocolate frosting.  The bones were done with candy molds by pressing fondant in them.  The fire hydrant is one of those leash poo bag holders.  There is a pretty chewed up bobo made out of pink fondant hiding on top of the fire hydrant.  There is green coconut grass and yellow frosting around the grass to represent (well you knows).  The candles are stuck with brown frosting represeting (well you knows that, too).  And if she lights the candles she would have flaming (well you know whats).  heehee.  Any doxie lover human cake decorating folks out there feel frees to copy this idea ifs you likes it.  I don't mind sharing. 

Well, Miss Suz loved it and she also hads a special prezzie for mom.  It was franknweenie!

Whats a cute necklace.  You knows if I didn't already have tons of bling with my license, my rabies tag, my id tag, and so forth I would so have mommy gets me one, too.  Miss Suz, Mommy and Mes loves it.  Thank you so very much.

Now off to trains Bear how to chase Chi-kitty Maddie.  Heehee.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Wow. Love the cake. That is awesome. Your Mommy is so talented. And love the frankenweinie too.
Did Bear and Maddie get along OK?

PetsJubilee said...

Athena - I love the cake! What a great idea and you did such a wonderful job on it! Sasha - take good care of Maddie and train Bear to make friends :) He looks a little unsure about the chi-kitty, lol.

Lyn said...

Love that cake! You are so creative and that you added the yellow and brown you knows whats too :) Hope Bear and Maddie got along. He looks like he wants to take a bite out of either the cake or Maddie in that last pic.