Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bear's First B-Word (Bath)

Sasha here.  Training has been going pretty well lately.  Bear is right on schedule in fact.  Since all of our training has left the pup rather on the dirty side.  The humans decided it was time to indogternate him with his first b-word (Bath).  Of course, Charlie and mes went to hiding just in case the humans had plans for us getting a b-word, too.  But, we escaped this time.  Apparently, they were all tuckered out after giving Bear his. heehee. 

Well, here is our young recruit getting his first b-word.  He did really well no whining or yapping.  He was kind of making us look bad for a while.  But, then the big hot air monster came out and boy did he carry on.  Charlie and I gave each other low paw fives for that one.  We did have to chuckle at how the tough little pup didn't like the hot air monster at all. But, he survived like we told him he woulds. 

Here are the pics of the yucky first b-word of Bear.

Here is him all fluffy again after the hot air monster.  You know I would never have guessed he was half a dog smaller when wet. heehee.

Times to gets dirty again with more squirrel pawtrol training sessions Bear.


Sarah Sandberg said...

Oh my gosh .. could Bear be any stinkin cuter???

Looks like he didn't mind that nasty ol' bath. :)

Sarah & le Weens

makingstuffwithlove said...

He really IS such a cute little thing :) He's got that head tilt down to a science lol Great post!

PetsJubilee said...

He's so teeny when wet, lol! I loved all of the pictures, and funny about the "low five". So precious!

Carole said...

Adorable! Still so little!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh you can really see how tiny he is when in that bowl. What a good boy he is. And Wow, he looks so super cute all fluffed up and extra clean. He might give Sasha a run for the modeling money.
Don't worry Sasha. he won't win but could give you a little competition. :-)

Barbara Jean said...

I can't believe you can give him a bath in a bowl! How cute! What a sweetie, and I'm so glad Sasha has a friend to play with!

laughingfridge said...

ahahahaha, Bear is soooo cute in the bath (oops, I mean b-word). And when he's dry I love the way he fluffs out, lol. Great pics, great story!