Friday, December 26, 2008

First Blog. Sasha is doing the happy tails dance.

Hello world,
My name is Sasha. I am a dachshund, wiener dog, doxie, hot dog, or what ever else is a popular term for us little long ones. My mommy's name is Athena, and we are both very new to this blogging thing so bare with us. I think you can teach us long doggies a few new cyber tricks.
We are hoping to meet some new wiener dogs and their parents in the cyber neighborhood, and share what we have been up to from time to time. Oh, my mommy will tell you all about my tricks and the trouble I get into I am sure. Other than that, we are just about having fun with dachshunds.
So stay tuned for more from us in the future.
Sasha and her human mommy Athena.


Paper Girl Productions said...

Welcome to the blog world!! If you ever need some blog tips, I did a blog series and its on the right hand side of my bloggity!

SassySashadoxie said...

Well, thank you Paper Girl for the welcome. I might just take you up on the blog tips sometime. Sasha sends friendly doggy licks your way.