Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Future Hubby Oscar!

Hi all,

Not much to report today. Mommy is still working on the wallpaper wieners and she is trying to put an Etsy dachshund team together for dachshund Etsy crafters. It is a slow process. The convoing back and forth trying to figure out all the ends and outs. I don't envy her. She said I might be the team mascot though, but not sure yet. We might have to vote on it or something.

Well, I thought since news was slow today that I would tell you all about my future hubby and doxie hunk Oscar. He proposed almost a year ago. As the New Year and Valentine's approaches, I so wish I could look into his brown eyes and have our noses touch in person. But, he lives a long ways from here, and well, Mommy said it would take a plane ride at least. I am a dreamer and know someday my prince will come. heehee.

Oscar's Mommy and Daddy are on Etsy too. They talked my mommy into joining and look at us now. Well, here is a links to their shops if you ever want to take a peek. Support my future in-laws crafts you know. KriterKraze.etsy.com and woodnwonders.etsy.com

Now to end this with a special must see youtube video. You really should check out my you tube slide show all about my man Oscar. The song is my favorite. Click here: Sasha's Weenie Man -Oscar!


Anonymous said...

sweet. :-)

--equivoque on etsy

LeelaBijou said...

oh how cool! ^_^