Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow is melting and Mommy Got a Treasury!

Hello folks,

It is your cute little friend Sasha again sharing all the exciting news of our lives. Well, it isn't overly exciting, but it is news. First, the snow is starting to melt big time. Woohoo! I can actually peek over the snow wall of my potty path now. I even really don't mind the muddy paws since I can smell dirt again under them. Mommy took more pictures of me, and we will post them like always.

The next biggest news is mommy got a treasury is the nick of time. Company came over, and well they come before treasuries. Well, they left, and mommy thought that she probably missed the treasury opening. She logged on and it just opened up. She was so excited. She actually got one. I bet you all can't guess what it is about. heehee. Yes, dachshunds. For all you who don't know what a treasury is it is a special place on Etsy that people can pick their favorite items from other peoples shops and hope they make it to the front page. Mommy and Me so badly want wiener dogs on the front page that we have been trying for so long to get it.

Thank You, Sasha and her Mommy.


kuteklipboardsbyamy said...

I love Sasha!! Your blog is wonderful!!

SassySashadoxie said...

Thank you Kute.

Mayhem said...

My weiner dog made it to the front page a month or so ago! I was pretty psyched. Your doxie is super cute!