Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mommy and Me's Day!

Hi Sasha here.
OK, the snow was starting to pee today. What? Oh, mommy said the correct term is melt. It felt like cold pee to me, though. And those, giant frozen water sharp things kept falling. Oh, what a wiener dog has to do just to get a little relief. Mommy took a picture of me in the snow with my snazzy coat on, today. It should be posted with this if all goes well.
Well, while I was having a heck of a time battling the snow and "melting" going on, Mommy kept busy with her crafting. She is stuck on these wallpaper wiener dog cards right now. Personally, they are cute, but I prefer my face on the cards instead of strange textured and colored paper long doggies. Don't you all agree? Real dachshunds are way cuter than paper ones. Well, anyways, she has these scraps of wallpaper, and she is like cutting away like a crazy doxie lady. Hopefully, I might get a picture of one of the cards up here, too.
But, while she was busy, I did manage to sneak into a garbage can and find a few good smells and licks. Then, Mommy caught me. If garbage cans only fell over without making noise. I would have hit the doxie mother load with all the Christmas left overs.
But, I got even with Mommy later for pulling me away from the doxie mother load of a garbage can. She was waiting to get a treasury, and I did my I had to go out dance and woof. Well, I did have to go, but not that bad. Well, she took me out, and I sniffed and sniffed. I went, and when we came back in the treasury was closed again. OK, so it wasn't very nice trick, but a dachshund does like a good garbage can scavenger hunt.
I better go. Mommy wants to check her boring old e-mail. Take care all. Sassy Sasha.

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