Friday, May 29, 2009

Been enjoying the warm weather.

Sorry I haven't been on folks. This little wiener dog has been really enjoying the warm weather. I find a nice sunny patch on the back deck and lay soaking up the rays for hours. My black fur is even got some brown highlights from all the sun. The grass is coming in, but there were a few bare spots so Grandma had them come out to reseed the spots. So that means more time without grass. I am getting use to the potty path, and find the rocks very warm first thing in the morning which is quite nice in the cool morning air.

The petsjubilee team photo contest is almost over for this month. A wiener dog is in the lead so far. I can't wait to see who wins. Next month team members get to summit pictures, and I am having such a hard time choosing which picture to send in. You know when you are cute and your mommy takes a zillion pictures of you it is so hard. Well, I am sure I will pick a good one. Please, check out the petsjubbilee team blog for the latest on the photo contest results. Click the furbabies link at top to see the photo entries in the contest.

Well, Got to go mommy is wanting the computer and I need more sunning time. Take care all.

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Valerie at Etsy said...

I adore this photo of Sasha, my pup Tara lays just like that all the time, it's too adorable.