Saturday, May 9, 2009

Woohoo! Dog Food Bag Wrestling!

Hi all Sasha here.

I had a blast today. It was a triple doggy good day. I can dance and wiggle my butt all day long because I am so happy.

First, mommy toted me out and showed me the new grass starting to grown in our back yard this morning. It smelted like grass, but it looked more like peach fuzz and moss with a few green prickles sprouting up. Mommy says it is starting, and before I know it the yard zoomies will be on their way again.

Second, grandpa tossed the empty dog food bag on the back deck. So little old me invented a new game. Walk inside the bag, wrestle it into submission, and fling it across the deck. The farther it goes or if it hits something the more points you get. I was having a blast entertaining myself doing this repeatedly and then I noticed mommy with the camera. Darn, mommies have to spoil all the fun. Ya know worring about suffication or who knows what else. Once I saw her, I couldn't play my game any more. No fun if your being watched.

Third, our etsy store has an item in a treasury. Woohoo! Mommy is always making them, but hardly ever gets in one. This is a team one for petsjubilee and we think it is so cool. Here is the treasury we are in. Please, view, click, and comment. Also, here is the store of the person that created it. Please, stop by and take a peek. We give a very special thank you with lots of doxie kisses to anniekdesigns.

Take care all.

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chloejessica said...

Yay for the grass starting to grow! And I checked out the treasury! It is cute. Happy Moms Day tmw! :)