Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sasha and Mommy have been busy.

Hi all,

Yes, your cute little wiener dog friend here. Mommy and I have been very busy lately so I haven't got much computer time. Oh, well. She keeps telling me I need to get more outside time in the good weather so I am trying to figure out how to hook the computer up on the deck, but Mommy says no to that.

Well, the grass is growing in nicely now. It really looks and smells like grass, but Grandma says it is still too tender to zoomie on so Charlie and I still have the "Pee gravel" potty grounds and being confined to the back deck.

The approach of the good weather has triggered major cleaning frenzy here, and well I just don't understand it. The humans call it spring cleaning and they keep saying that Charlie and I are on the list of things that need to be cleaned, too. I suspect that means the evil B-word. But, I won't know until it comes I suppose.

Mommy was human pup sitting again, and they were playing beauty shop, and Grandma painted my nails purple. Not sure how I feel about them yet. I will post new pics of me and my purple nails. (Hard to see in the picture though.)

Lastly, the voting has begun on the petsjubilee team pet photo contest, and if you all could check it out and maybe vote for your favorite that would be nice. You vote by leaving a comment with some kind of ID either google blogger, URL, or e-mail under the photo you like best. One vote per day per person will count. You can vote at Furbabies link and check out all the cute contestants. The pets are counting on you. Voting will be open until May 31 at noon EST. Take care all.

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Embellished Bayou said...

Love the purple nails! Gidget would never let me do that, she hates it when I touch her paws!