Saturday, June 5, 2010

Electricians Go Home!!!

Sasha your favorite frustrated wiener dog here. Those electricians are still not done. I have had precious little on-line time all week cause of them. I have been trying to be good either cooped up in the basement or in the computer room. But, there is nothing to do but bark, read books, and watch two movies on a portable DVD player mom has. The battery only lasts for about two movies. Not fun at all.
Mommy did let me pick two library books though for my very own to read, but I caught her reading them, too. Of course, I picked two good dachshund fantasy ones. Unfortunately, they were in the human pup section. What don't human grown-ups like to read about doxies who are magic and can talk or plot to take down Westminster Dog Show. You know I don't think a dachshund has ever won best in show ever, and don't tell me there hasn't been at least one good dachshund in all those years. Well, that is what really gets to us dachshunds no respect for the fine breed we are. I know back to the point.
The Dogmagic book by Holly Webb had a very cute doxie pup on the cover, and I could swear that some one broke into my puppy pic files on that one cause it looks just likes me. The book was about Sofie a talking dachshund who was a human girls witch's familiar. She was french and I just loves her doxie attitude in the book. I just wished they put a warning label on it cause Sofie being a magic dog ate chocolate, drank coffee, and ate raisins. However, if human pups gave their dogs those things it would make them really sick. Not good.
Flawed Dogs The Novel by Berkeley Breathed was just awesome pawsome. I loved it. I laughed. I cried. There was so much of it that taught several good lessons. Plus, you got to like when the dog show gets trashed. heehee. Doxie revenge is sweet. 4 paws up and yes even adult humans would like this book. Plus, the cartoon pics are so funny.
I wonder what will be next on my library list. I so wish that dogs could have their own library cards. Not all of us eat the pages you know.
Well, I best be back to the umpteenth showing of Open Season 2. I do love Mr. Wienie, but really mommy I can bark the lines myself by now.


CiaoHound said...

oh, poor Sasha. Its terrible to not be able to get online, but it sounds like you're keeping yourself entertained. Great book reviews! I agree the cover of the first book looks exactly like you - kinda creepy, huh?! you keep working on the doxie mind control for a doxie to win at Westminster. After all, it worked to get doxies on the FP of etsy :)

laughingfridge said...

You have the patience of a saint, Sasha, with those darn electricians disrupting your life like that. Those books sound very cool, I will have to get my mommy to stop at the library too. She never knew I could read!


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Wow. We are going to have to get our moms to take us to the library. I thinks we could read too. I wonder if they have any Mi-ki books. Oh well, if not a good super dog story will do.

Hang in there Sasha. I'm sure those humans will finally figure out what they are doing and get your electric back.
Giupetto and Gianna

Art and Sew Forth said...

Sasha...I love your book reviews! So sorry you have been cooped up but I think this week you will be out and about and back to normal. I think you should get extra treats for being so good this week!