Friday, June 25, 2010

Pool Party Horror!!

(Seriously, would you want to share a pool with that crazy wiener?)

Sasha, the wiener dog. I was all excited about going on a play date to my buddies Frito, Zuke, and Peewee's house and something called a Pool Party. I figured party means food and where food is I is going. But, you can imagine the horror on my face when these crazy humans and one slightly insane wiener dog (who shall remain nameless) decide to involve water in this so called party. Don't they know that wiener dogs don't like wet fur! Seriously! Then, they all laughed at me when I was just showing the boys how a proper lady doggy paddles before I even got in the pool. Those boys were just splashing around getting everything wet. Best I show them how it is suppose to be done without all that needless exposure to excessive water and all. After that the humans through MY toys into the water. My blob and my squeaky bone that Miss Diana made me for my birthday (It still had a working squeaker, too.) went into the pool. The boys got all excited over this so I went to pout far away from the pool. So I thought I was done with this whole getting wet on purpose thing, then they brought out a party game. Bobbing for hot dogs! First, of all I ain't bobbing for nothing. Second, isn't it a bit weird that you expect wiener dogs to go bobbing for wieners. It was a bit too creepy if you ask me. So of course, I politely refused this activity and the soggy hot dogs.

Well, after all this torture, then Mommy goes off to her allergy shot and leaves me there. So I thought, OK see what there is to do that doesn't involve wetness. Nope, I was quickly snatched up and doxie hijacked to what apparently was some kind of park. Well, you can see (at this you tube link) that I am not to happy about this either.

So I came home to go potty after my dinner and to end this horrible day the sprinklers came on just as I was going. I gave mommy my "OH POOP!" face and quickly finished my business. Well, off to rest up from this pool party horror story.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh poor Sasha. Well humans seem to like to poke fun too, don't they.
Did your squeaker toy survive?
Next time you invite them over and you do what you want to do.

laughingfridge said...

OMG, Sasha you have some crazy wiener dog and human friends!! Bobbing for wieners??

CiaoHound said...

Poor, poor Sasha! I feel so bad that you had such a horrible day. I hope your squeaky toy is ok. Rest up and use your doxie mind control to prevent that from happening again :)

Art and Sew Forth said...

Well Sasha...these experiences must be part of life so we can figure out the things we love and the things we HATE! Hope you have recovered!

makingstuffwithlove said...

That pool party is a hoot! So funny that all these doxie babies get to get together. The bobbing for weiners is so cute and such a good idea to get them all to go in... almost :) A bunch of darling doxies!