Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Prezzie For Mommy And Sneak Peek of New Shirts

Hi alls.  Sasha heres.  Mommy got another surprise prezzie in the mail today from the Petsjubilee team on Etsy.  You knows they are so sweet.  They sent mommy an angel.  You knows I is beginning to thinks our PJ family is run by angels for sure.  Mommy loves it and so dos I.  Thank you so very much to all our team peeps.  You sure do know how to make Mommy feel so much better. 

It is handmade and there was a special little personal note, too.  Mommy and I send lots of hugs and thank yous for this special prezzie.

Mommy has also been working on new shirts lately.  Ok for a long while, but she gots a bit distracted with all that has been going on that she is just now getting them finished and almost ready to list.  These shirts will be first come first serve when listed on etsy within the next few days. So no reservies on these.  Mommy wants to be fair to alls since they are one of a kind and alls.  But, I do have sneak peeks. 

The first is a spring themed blue green medium shirt.  Doxies enjoyings themselves out doors and at a park. 



The second is the XL watermelon doxie shirt that has been much barked about by my mommy and by fars is the best creation mommy has done so far.  Not that I is a bit prejudice or anythings like that.  But, you know it is just so doxie.  I thinks I gave her this idea through my doxie mind control.  Again, no reservies on this one because it is first come first serve when it is listed on etsy. 

Close up of front.

Close up of back

Well, I must get back to whining under the door of the bathroom while Mommy takes her bath.  You knows I is not liking her having more time to get wet on purpose.  Silly humans don't they know water and being wet is a bad thing.  Bark at you all later.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Sasha and Sasha's Mommy,
So glad you love the angel.
And you did a great job at your mind control because that shirt is really cute. I love both of them.

makingstuffwithlove said...

I am so glad you love the angel -- YOU are an angel on earth :) LOVE the watermelon shirt. It IS really good and the too full doxies are so cute and funny! Wonder who it will go to?

PetsJubilee said...

So happy that the angel made you feel good. Like Alice said, you are an angel on earth!!! I can't wait to see the tshirts get listed. I just love my 2 and wear them all the time.

Sams FurKids said...

Wonderful Blog :-). I am so happy you love the angel. Like Alice and Shari said: You are an Angel on earth....bless. We all love you Our PJ Sister :-). Your shirts are "Out of this world fantastic!!!"

Andrea said...

Just love these posts, Sasha. You are so adorable.
Be sure to tell Mommy her shirts are incredible!