Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sun Came Out Today.

Sasha heres.  We have hads tons of snow lately.  Mes was not exactly too fond of wading through that cold white stuff to get to the potty grounds.  You knows us doxies are lowriders.  My nether region was a little too frosty outside and so I spent most of the last few days under cover of blankies.

But, today the sun cames out a bit and it wasn't so bads.  So for a few minutes I supervised my little bro and his squirrel pawtrol duties.  He is doing quite well and may need to take on more responsibilities when spring comes on.  We, will sees though.  Depends on how bad the spring fever hits us and all the rolling in the grass and alls to dos. 

Charlie volunteered for inside pawtrol duties to keeps the mommy safe while she was doing all her arts etsy stuffs.  You know just cause of sneak attacks by invisible squirrels.  He is a grumpy old mans, but that doesn't means he gets to slack off on his squirrel pawtrol duties eithers. 

Mommy has been busy making new things.  Two of which will be in her etsy shop eventually.  One Miss Sue Ann has first dibs on because it was kind of inspired by her pic she sent Mommy.  The colorful one is up for grabs to anyone who wants some bright cheery wiener dog searching fun.  heehee.

Then, there was mommies newest creations with her experimenting with watercolors.  She is nots so happy with them.  She says thats the watercolors always warps the watercolor paper so much.  She thinks she either doesn't have the right paper or is using too much water.  But, she tends to be too hard on herself.  This first ones of a skateboarding doxie is not too bads. 

Then, hot air balloon ones is still being worked on.  She is doing a combo of watercolor and her gel pens.  Buts, she thinks both of these might be freebies at some point.  Not sures yet thoughs. 

Well, I best go gets Bears up from his nap so he can take the after dinner squirrel pawtrols.  Cause you knows I prefer to let my kibble digest for at least an hour before chasing squirrels.  Bark at you all laters.


makingstuffwithlove said...

I think your watercolors look great! I could never seem to get the knack of them myself lol If we had that much snow, Sasha, I would stay in with Charlie under the blankies too!

Sams FurKids said...

Dibs!!! tee hee Just adorable, Yes please I would love to buy the Boston watermelon picture :-).
Cute photos of the Furkids. Bear looks so cute in his haircut.
I think you need special thicker paper for water colors. I think you are doing great with the water colors :-). I use to like to paint with the water colors first and then put in details with pens...fur fun!!! It has been forever and day since I painted with water colors. It is fun to try new media's eh :-).

PetsJubilee said...

I love all the newbies and seeing the pictures of all the pups on squirrel pawtrol :) I could never do watercolors, but it seems like you've got the knack of it.

Carole said...

Sasha, tell Mommy to hang in there.
Watercolors are one of the hardest mediums to master, water is not very cooperative or forgiving.

Glad all of the pups are on pawtrol outside and in lol