Sunday, February 16, 2014

Great Grandma Is Gone.

Sasha heres.  Beens kind of difficult last few days.  First, great grandma wents to heaven and we are missing her so much.  Bear especially.  He loved putting his toys on her feet so she would kick them off.  Charlie and I misses her telling us to knock off all the barking and of course the nibbles left on the floor and in her chair.  We misses her so very much.  I knows the humans in the family and missing her, too. 

After great grandma left us, Mommy and the grandpeeps left us doggies with a puppy sitter.  She was nice, but not my mommy.  So I pouted and missed everyone so very much.  Then, they cames back and the human pups my mommy watched came to stay for a bit.  I has had another dress up session.  Can you tells. 

Thens, we got prezzies from our PJ etsy team family.  Miss Diana sent mommy a lovely card and angel in a pocket.  Which really gaves Mommy a smile.  You knows mommy needs to smile more even though us doggies takes smiling a whole other way.  We know to humans it is a big tail wag on the face.   Thank you Miss Diana for the angel from me and Mommy.

Then, Mommy gots a box from Miss k.  It was chocolates and a squeaky ball cuz toy that all us doggies have been squeaking like crazy.  It really bounces, too.  Gots to love squeaky, bouncy ball toys.  Mommy loves her chocolates, too.  So thank you Miss k also for making Mommy smile, too.

Mommy and the grandpeeps got a special card from Miss Shari (the camera died before we could gets a picture.)  Mommy loves them, too.  But, the best prezzie by far was the lovely flowers sent by the whole PJ etsy team family to the place where they take the dead peeps.  Mommy saids the flowers were so pretty and it came in a big basket that was also beautiful.  The flowers wouldn't have made the long trip back home in the loaded van with everything else though.  So she left them on great grandma's grave in a big vase.  She kept the basket though.  So very pretty.  We didn't get a picture of the flowers though since we didn't have our cameras with us and not sure how to do it on the too smart for mommy phones the grandpeeps have.  But, Mommy says to thanks everyone for sending such a special flower arrangement for her and our family.  It was the only flowers on her grave when we left.  So it mades it look so special.  Especially, since the ground was all icy and snowy and all. 

Well, I knows long post today, but lots had to be barked out.  I will do my best at blogging more often, but you know the humans don't share the computer very often.  Bark at you all later.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh Sasha, you are such a smart girl - understanding so much about what went on. Loved the picture of you in that very fancy and sparkly hat.
I am so glad your Mom liked her gifts to make her feel better too, and I see you got a special gift/toy as well.

makingstuffwithlove said...

Sasha IS a smart girl and I love her! Thank you, Sasha, for giving us this wonderfully understanding update. If you can believe it, I miss your great grandma too, the stories of her and the kind things your mom did for her :) She and your mom deserved many, many beautiful flowers! I am so happy the PJ family was able to send some pretty ones, to try to cheer your mom and to celebrate your great grandma. Know in the days ahead that the PJ family will be here for your mom, just like you are :)

makingstuffwithlove said...

Oh, and I forgot all the nice giftees :) They were wonderful -- you are all so deserving!!!

PetsJubilee said...

What a wonderful post. So good to share with everyone what all is going on. Its a difficult time at your house, I imagine, but things will get better over time. I'm glad you liked the cards and I love all of the specials prezzies you got. My favorite thing, though is that the PJ family flowers were on Grandma's grave. I'm touched that they were special enough for such an honor.

Sams FurKids said...

Thank you Sasha for a wonderful blog. You look Fabulous in your hat :-). Glad your Mommy felt the Love and Support from her PJ Family :-).

Andrea said...

I love your beautiful hat, makes you look even more adorable. How is that possible?!

kc said...

snazzy hat, sasha! i'm feeling honored that you curled up with the ball i sent. surely you are sharing with bear & charlie. the most important thing is that your mommy feels how much we love you both. xo