Monday, April 6, 2009

The Sun is here. Yippee!

Sasha here.

The sun is back today. After a few days of snow , rain, and melting snow, I do believe the sun is here today. My puppy prayers have been answered. I won't be on much today. I have to patrol my yard and see what outside toy treasures that I can find that were buried in all that snow. It is like a dachshund version of a Easter Egg hunt. woohoo!

Mommy has been busy making her sensory bottles doggy style and I do say they are cute. I even tried to grab one, but mommy said no. Not for doggies she said. Not fair! Cause they look like so much fun. I would just play with them with my paws, but mommy doesn't believe me. Something about me having a plastic addiction.

I am posting a picture of me trying to get my paws on one of the bottles and a video to show you what the bottles do. The video is a little dark. We tried one outside, but the sun was creating a glare on the bottles. Too bright today. Well, got to go find my shades, and enjoy some fun in the sun. Take care all.

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