Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Play date and more fun in the sun!

Hi all.

Sasha here. Today was the bestest day ever. First, I got to go on a play date to the redwagonwieners house. Frito and Zuke and I patrolled their back yard to the best of our wiener abilities. Apparently, they have new neighbor dogs, and one of the one WHO shall remain nameless has major issues with territory boundaries and trash barking. The things that dog was saying got all us wieners all riled up. I am a pretty mellow girl, but no newbie on the block of my wiener friends is going to come in barking at us like that. A wiener can only take so much you know. So I barked my mind at her and tried to teach her a little manors. Frito and me ran the fence border barking and setting her straight on a few issues and neighborhood rules.

After the visit, mommy scolded me in the car for carrying on so much. I just wished humans could understand dogs. She would have been over there with me if she only knew what she was saying. For the record, I wasn't the rude one.

We came back home, and mommy was helping move things into the new shed. You know the one that replaced my beloved sandbox. Well, I started to dig in the gravel by the new shed where my sandbox use to be by the way, and boy did I get scolded by grandma and grandpa. Mommy stuck up for me and said that I was digging where I was taught to dig, and that doxies have to dig. Don't think it got very far with the grandparents. I gave up digging for some zoomies around the yard with Charlie, and then we both took a nap in the big swing outside.

It was a great day to be a wiener dog. Even if I was fussed at a lot today. I am so over that. heehee

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niftyknits said...

LOL I'm learning so many technical terms on this blog - zoomies! My aunt had a chihuaha (ok, it's not spelt right, but you know what I mean) years ago, she used to do her "circles" every now and then. She has a border collie now, who has trained herself to put her toys away in her basket!Of course, Sasha has probably trained her human...