Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make It Stop! It is spring already.

Sasha here.

I am sick of it. I woke up this morning and it was all white again. You know it just isn't fair for us little dogs to have to potty in the white stuff, but we live with it all winter. We dream of warm spring days and rolling in the grass, but when everyone says it is suppose to be spring, and it is all white. It just ain't right! I didn't even get to go to the post office today cause mommy didn't know what the roads were like. I am sick of it. S I C K.

Ok, enough ranting. Not much going on here. Mommy heard back on the possibility of doing temp work, but so far she is in the beginning stages of that application process. I have my paws crossed for her. We are starting to work on our spring product line even though it don't look like spring yet here. Mommy is making the sensory bottles again. They are recycled bottles with water, oil, toys, and such. We will post pics when they are all done. Mommy also made some wallpaper kitty cards like the wallpaper wiener dog cards before. I made her put at least one wiener dog on them. I have issues with the neighborhood cat and didn't like the idea of mommy replace cute wiener dogs with kitties. But, Mommy said lets just agree to disagree. Like that ever solves anything.

Well, I will post a picture of what I woke up to this morning. Can you believe it is April. Take care folks.

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chloejessica said...

Wow it looks cold where you are! Chloe would not know what to do with the snow, shes to used to sunny Florida! I will send some sunshine your way! :)