Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pet Photo Contest and I gets in Big Trouble!

Hi all Sasha the cute and long little dachshund here. I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you all about the petsjubilee pet photo contest. Mommy and me are team members so we can't vote or be in it this go around, but there is already like ten cute and furry contestants. We need more. If you have an etsy account, then go petsjubilee blog for more details and to see the furbabies in the contest. (If you don't have an etsy account and want to sign up with etsy go to and sign up). Mommy and I came up with this idea, and we hopes to see lots of cute critter friends in the contest. Go pets! Oh, and don't forget the May samples boxes are available in the petsjubilee team etsy store starting May 1st. Your pets would want you to go to these links.

OK, now to the me getting in big trouble thing. Mommy and the grandparents took away my backyard and sprayed all this green foamy grass stuff on it. Well, mommy said no yard zoomies or pottying till the grass grows in and that could be weeks. Mommy thought she would get me to potty while walking on a leash in this rocky area, and I was saying no way to that. First of all the leash is for walks and car rides not for potty trips. It spoils the whole excitement of seeing the leash. Second, I am low to the ground pottying on rocks is like you guys wiping your bums with sandpaper. It ain't fun at all. So I staged a no pottying protest. And well, at some point you just can't hold it any longer, and well. You guesses it. I peed on the hallway carpet. I was grounded from the computer and given a big time out. After mommy was done being upset, we had a chat, and we came up with a compromise. She fixed an area on the side of the house with a baby gate attached to the fence so that I could have off leash potty time. It still has to be on rocks, but I gave up the comfort to have a little freedom. Well, off to look out the window and watch the grass grow. Paws crossed for magic grass seeds that grow very quickly.

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Marlene aka LuckyDog said...

oh no! the humanity.... lol you poor lil thing, hope the grass grows nice and green so you can roll in it soon! not the poo, just the grass.....