Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I got mail yesterday!

Haven't been on cause Mommy has been so busy lately. She has been painting up a storm which has allowed me time to work on my cute little doxie photo expressions. heehee.
Well, I think she is done painting for a bit cause yesterday she was back to taking pics of me in the backyard. Something about Christmas cards or some such silly human thing.
But, the best part of yesterday was when I got another hubby stuffed bone from StylinDogsBoutique on etsy. I so generously gave Charlie my old one and headed strait into chewing when Charlie was under the mistaken idea that the new bone was for him. How silly is that. Really, everyone knows the dachshund is the one that gets all the prezzies that come in the mail right? Well, after some interesting discussion, a few zoomies, and me hiding the bone under me for quite some time. Charlie realized the old bone was his, and he proceeded to work out his frustrations on the poor toy. Enjoy the pics. Your furry friend, Sasha.


StylinDogsBoutique said...

I love the story. So glad you like the bones.
Sasha, hiding the bone under you is a perfect hiding spot.
Diana, Giupetto and Gianna

PetsJubilee said...

poor Charlie - as long as he is as happy as Sasha :)

JewelryBySolange said...

yes dachshunds long bellies come in handy...Daisy sometimes forgets that shes hiding things under there lol...such a cute story!

Twix said...

Sasha, us doxies are sneaky, so next time he takes it you just sneak up on him and snatch that bone!

The Hand Crafted Cottage said...

Sasha is SOOOO cute!! I love that big picture you have of her at the start of your blog!! ADORABLE!