Saturday, August 15, 2009

Please, vote for me again.

Vote for me at this link, pretty please with kibble on top. (To vote just leave a comment with your name and maybe were you know us from at the link above. You can vote only once a day. It must have somekind of ID so the people running the contest know it is an original vote. )

I have been trying for months to win the petsjubilee photo/video contest box. Please, help me. I really need those treats. This month theme is beat the heat. I am a furry black and tan wienie that has the best way to beat the heat out of all those other critters-Ice Fishing. See video link on the voting link provided and you will understand. Thank you in advanced for voting for me, your furry friend Sasha.


MOLLYC said...

I love you, Sasha. I click on your Mom's blog just to look at your face. You are the second cutest dog in the world. (Stirrup, my dog, is number one)

Twix said...

I voted for you Sasha! I sure hope you win cutie!