Sunday, September 20, 2009

Naked Puppy Pic In Photo Contest!

Hello all,
Sasha here. It is that time of month again and yes I am entered once again in the petsjubilee team pet photo contest to win that yummy box of treats and prezzies that I dream to have. Wiener dogs never give up you know.
This time mommy had me worried for awhile cause she said she was going to post one of my naked puppy pics for the contest. I am lucky she picked a cute one and not one with my head stuck in a rice cake bag or bath time in the kitchen sink or anything embarrassing like that.
Well, please, click at the furbabies link here to see my contest Naked Puppy Pic, and if you are ever so kind vote for me by leaving a comment at that link also. You need to sign it with a unique name because the rules state the same person can only vote once per day. So if another Tom or Fred voted on another pets photo yours won't count. Agggh, and I gets very sad when votes get deleted. You don't want to see a sad wiener dog do you?
Take care all, and don't forget to vote. Pretty please, with kibble on top.
(Voting starts at 12:01 EST 9/21/09 to 12:00 noon EST 9/27/09. So one week to vote folks. Pass the bark along to others.)

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Papillion Glass said...

We voted sweet Sasha, not to worry!