Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot dog it is hot!

Hi all,

Sasha here as usual. It has been so hot here lately that I can truly say I am a hot dog! Mommy takes me to the potty path around noon and I can swear I smell my fur burning. Luckily it is a quick pee, and back in to lay on the linoleum floor with all four feet in the air under the fan.
So off to whats new. The new grass they sprayed on is still putting a delay on yard zoomies, but in this heat we have been keeping the zoomies till evening time when the cooler temperatures hit.

The petsjubilee team pet photo contest ended, and Daisy the red wiener dog won. Yip Yap Furray! Here is a link to see the photo that won. Starting next month, team members get to enter the photo contest. I have been browsing through all my photos and it was so hard to pic the cutest one. But, I think I have narrowed it down now.
Also, today, I was sitting on mommy's lap at the computer and a giant spider went crawling fast across the desk. I leaped at it, and mommy caught her glass just before it spilled lemon aid on the keyboard. Then, she squished the spider. I hate when I don't get to get the thrill of the kill. My hunting genes you know just have to chase, capture, and eliminate potential vermin.
We did a car wash on mommy's car today and it was done the old fashioned way where Mommy gets all wet and soapy and the car gets some how clean in the process. Not sure I get the whole situation at all, but as long as I didn't get wet and soapy I was fine just supervising.
Wish me luck with the photo contest. I will upload the one I am planning on submitting. What do you think? Cute enough to win?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Been enjoying the warm weather.

Sorry I haven't been on folks. This little wiener dog has been really enjoying the warm weather. I find a nice sunny patch on the back deck and lay soaking up the rays for hours. My black fur is even got some brown highlights from all the sun. The grass is coming in, but there were a few bare spots so Grandma had them come out to reseed the spots. So that means more time without grass. I am getting use to the potty path, and find the rocks very warm first thing in the morning which is quite nice in the cool morning air.

The petsjubilee team photo contest is almost over for this month. A wiener dog is in the lead so far. I can't wait to see who wins. Next month team members get to summit pictures, and I am having such a hard time choosing which picture to send in. You know when you are cute and your mommy takes a zillion pictures of you it is so hard. Well, I am sure I will pick a good one. Please, check out the petsjubbilee team blog for the latest on the photo contest results. Click the furbabies link at top to see the photo entries in the contest.

Well, Got to go mommy is wanting the computer and I need more sunning time. Take care all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sasha and Mommy have been busy.

Hi all,

Yes, your cute little wiener dog friend here. Mommy and I have been very busy lately so I haven't got much computer time. Oh, well. She keeps telling me I need to get more outside time in the good weather so I am trying to figure out how to hook the computer up on the deck, but Mommy says no to that.

Well, the grass is growing in nicely now. It really looks and smells like grass, but Grandma says it is still too tender to zoomie on so Charlie and I still have the "Pee gravel" potty grounds and being confined to the back deck.

The approach of the good weather has triggered major cleaning frenzy here, and well I just don't understand it. The humans call it spring cleaning and they keep saying that Charlie and I are on the list of things that need to be cleaned, too. I suspect that means the evil B-word. But, I won't know until it comes I suppose.

Mommy was human pup sitting again, and they were playing beauty shop, and Grandma painted my nails purple. Not sure how I feel about them yet. I will post new pics of me and my purple nails. (Hard to see in the picture though.)

Lastly, the voting has begun on the petsjubilee team pet photo contest, and if you all could check it out and maybe vote for your favorite that would be nice. You vote by leaving a comment with some kind of ID either google blogger, URL, or e-mail under the photo you like best. One vote per day per person will count. You can vote at Furbabies link and check out all the cute contestants. The pets are counting on you. Voting will be open until May 31 at noon EST. Take care all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Arrival of Flat Stanly!

Hi all,

Sasha here. Yesterday was pretty exciting. We got a special delivery from my mommy's niece (my human cousin I guess that would be). It was a flat Stanly. The humans nicknamed him Stan the Man, but it was quite odd. He was a paper person, and he was being treated like a real person. He got to go on a car ride, and have pictures taken, and all that. I just did not get it at all. Mommy said it was a special school project for her niece who lives in Texas, but still a wiener dog has to get jealous when a paper man gets to go on a car ride and I have to stay home. I forgave him in the end and we snuggled together, but I still don't get the silly things the humans do. I am including the picture of me and Stan snuggling.

Oh, mommy grabbed a treasury west today for the petsjubilee team's photo contest promo. It is called Got Pets? Please, give it some views. Take care, Sasha.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day! From the wiener dog

Hi all.

Sasha the wiener dog here. Today was my mommy's special day. She doesn't have human pups of her own so I gots to treat her extra special since she is my human mommy.

I started the day by letting her sleep in. I entertained my self by chewing tissues under my side of the bed covers. I hid the evidence when she was starting to stir a bit. Then, I greeted her with lots of doxie kisses. She loves kisses. She saw the sun coming in through the window and was very happy. She hurried to give us breakfast and take us outside. We did our business, and instead of morning zoomies. We went backs to bed and snuggled. We got more kisses and hugs and then she got up. I gave her lots of computer time, and I didn't even lick her legs after her indoor rain getting wet on purpose routine. We had a great day, and I didn't even poop right after she shoveled it all up like I usually do. I will wait a little while longer for that.

We snuggled together in the swing out back watching the grass grow in. It is getting greener by the day, but still more mossy than grass like. Well, it was a nice mother's day here. And I hope all you furbabies out there wish your human Mommies a Happy Mommy's Day! I am including a baby pic of me when Mommy became my Mommy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Woohoo! Dog Food Bag Wrestling!

Hi all Sasha here.

I had a blast today. It was a triple doggy good day. I can dance and wiggle my butt all day long because I am so happy.

First, mommy toted me out and showed me the new grass starting to grown in our back yard this morning. It smelted like grass, but it looked more like peach fuzz and moss with a few green prickles sprouting up. Mommy says it is starting, and before I know it the yard zoomies will be on their way again.

Second, grandpa tossed the empty dog food bag on the back deck. So little old me invented a new game. Walk inside the bag, wrestle it into submission, and fling it across the deck. The farther it goes or if it hits something the more points you get. I was having a blast entertaining myself doing this repeatedly and then I noticed mommy with the camera. Darn, mommies have to spoil all the fun. Ya know worring about suffication or who knows what else. Once I saw her, I couldn't play my game any more. No fun if your being watched.

Third, our etsy store has an item in a treasury. Woohoo! Mommy is always making them, but hardly ever gets in one. This is a team one for petsjubilee and we think it is so cool. Here is the treasury we are in. Please, view, click, and comment. Also, here is the store of the person that created it. Please, stop by and take a peek. We give a very special thank you with lots of doxie kisses to anniekdesigns.

Take care all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Potty Grounds-Got to get some grass!

Hi all!

Sasha here. Not much new going on. I am trying my best to figure out how to get to some unleashed time on grass. The dog park in this town is not safe for a little gal like me. Too many big mean dogs for me to play with so I longingly look at the grass from my "pee gravel potty grounds" every time I go out. Enjoy these pathetic pictures of me longing for the soft tickle of grass between my tootsies.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bored Wiener Dog here.

Hi all Sasha here.

It has been so boring here lately. No grass to roll in, no yard to zoomie in, and just sitting here trying to be good is so hard. We haven't even had a trip to the post office in awhile, too. What is a wiener dog to do?

We have put some new window decals in our etsy store, and mommy is working on some new art with me with glasses. Not sure yet what she is going to do with them, but I do look rather smart in glasses.

Grandma and Grandpa's computer died, and mommy has been helping them get use to something called Vista. Not sure what it is, but nobody here is liking it so far. Grandpa even said some bad words when his favorite race car game wouldn't work on it. He is one unhappy puppy, too. Well, better get back to watching the dirt outside and praying for the grass to start growing soon. Take care all.