Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pet Boxes! Get Your Pet Sample Boxes....

Hi All!

Sasha here. Mommy has been very busy lately so I haven't got to get my blogging in lately. That makes the wiener dog a little sad you know, and I have been barking about it with Rocky the neighbor dog a lot today.

Well, I learned not to eat cupcake wrappers early this morning. Last night was grandma's birthday party. They had cupcakes and one of the human pups dropped a wrapper on the floor and I was off and running with it. It was a good game of keep away until grandpa caught me. Then, I did what any doxie would do. Destroy the evidence. I chewed down about half of it before Mommy got the other half out of my mouth. Mommy was all worried, and said that I will be sorry for that later. All I could think about was how yummy the cake residue was. Well, sure enough, I woke mommy up about 3 am gagging. Mommy rushed me up stairs just in time for me to well cough up the evidence. I was just about to try and get rid of it again, but mommy picked me up and said no. She cleaned it up and I felt a lot better. So lesson learned no cupcake wrappers without the cupcake to go with them right?

OK. Now, a little promoting for one of mommy's team shops. This store is run by a special friend of ours and is very cool. You can get sample pet themed items from a variety of etsy shops in one box. Then, even better news. They are on sale this month for a really good deal. The team is doing their own version of a stimulus package by reducing the 15 dollar box to 5 dollars plus shipping. The problem is this store only makes a few a month so once they are gone they are gone. You have to get there at the beginning of the month to get your paws on one. If I new mommy's paypal password, I would get one cause I just bet there are treats from my favorite etsy shop in them. Well, hope you get one if you are wanting one. Here is the store: Petsjubilee.

Take care all. Off to try and figure out Mommy's paypal password.

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