Friday, March 27, 2009

Charlie got groomed and I got a pedicure.

Hi all,

Sasha here. Charlie got to go for a ride this morning without me and I was so upset. I tried to tell Mommy that I am the one that gets the car rides around here. I whined by the door for 30 minutes until mommy made me go lay down and snuggle with her. But, then I got to go when it was time to pick Charlie up. I was so excited. Once we got there. A lady who has done my nails before took me right away back to have them trimmed. Charlie was in a portable crate bellow the grooming table and I so wanted to be with him. I was way wigglier then usual. They let Charlie out and I almost jumped right off the table to him, but the lady caught me. I got my last toe nail trimmed and filed. Then, I got to be down with charlie. He smelled so clean and he had a lot less fur. I wonder how they get the fur off of him so I asked him. He said they take this nasty buzzing thing and shave him. They even shave his butt. Which he doesn't like at all. There were two pugs there that I had to say hi to. Then, we were out the door. It was a very exciting day. Charlie doesn't seem to care for the groomers. I probably wouldn't either if they had to shave my butt. It must be because I am a girl. They wouldn't shave a lady dogs butt would they? Well, take care folks.

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